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Powder diffraction facility equipment include a Panalytical Xpert Pro diffractometer, with a high throughput multiple sample changer, a texture cradle, monochromators and mirrors, an Anton Paar HTK16 furnace and a thin film attachment. A Siemens D5000 X-Ray Powder diffratometer with standard or thin film setup, and a Panalytical Empyrean Diffractometer with Silver K alpha radition and capillary setup.

The capabilities include:

  • High temperature. diffraction, ambient → 1600C, under vacuum, air or inert atmosphere.
  • High resolution powder diffraction in both reflection and transmission mode.
  • Fast detection: X'Celerator RTMS detector.
  • Thin film measurement.
  • Texture measurement.
  • Phase identification and quantification.
  • Pair Distribution Functions (PDFs).

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